Debate: Should Social Media Be Allowed to Ban Users?

Debate: Should Social Media Be Allowed to Ban Users?

Source: Advisor Perspectives




After I wrote a few pieces about the social media firms banning bad actors (including POTUS) on their platforms, Robert Huebscher of Advisor Perspectives reached out to discuss. We swapped a few emails on it, and at his suggestion, we recorded a debate on the topic.

To be fair to Robert, I think his side of the debate is much harder to argue. These are all private actors, sot here is no First amendment issue; And as I keep emphasizing, these are private, for profit companies. If they do not have control of their own platforms, it turns private property into a meaningless concept.

I am frequently unhappy with the decisions Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg makes, but what is the alternative? Letting Senators Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren, or Representatives Matt Gaetz and AOC determine what we hear and read? No thanks.

If you think Facebook sucks, then you can  vote with your feet and dollars, and go elsewhere.

Putting Congress in charge of content is not a solution I endorse . . .




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