Farmland For the Modern Investor

Farmland For the Modern Investor

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Farm Together.

This week we spoke with Artem Milinchuk, CEO and founder of Farm Together.

We discuss:

  • Where do your returns come from when investing in farmland?
  • What to look for when investing in a farm
  • How the market for buying and selling farms works
  • What’s the best case for an investment return on a farm?
  • Where is Farm Together buying farmland?
  • What are the yields on farmland investments?
  • What are the biggest risks of investing in farmland?
  • What is a cash yield on farmland?
  • Who operates the farm after purchase?
  • What is the goal of investing in farmland?
  • How to choose between the various farmland investments?
  • Which crops have expectations of higher returns?
  • How volatile are farmland prices?
  • What should your time horizon be on a farmland investment?

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