US State Dept Says Don’t Travel To China (Wuhan Coronavirus), More Airlines Suspend Flights

US State Dept Says Don't Travel To China (Wuhan Coronavirus), More Airlines Suspend Flights

Travel restrictions could be in effect with “no advance notice”. Here’s a Friday morning update with the number of cases, death toll, maps and more…

(Silver Doctors Editors) Here’s a Friday morning Wuhan Coronavirus round-up.

On January 30th, the US State Department issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory:

A key take-away is the fact that travel ristrictions can be “put into effect with little or no advance notice”.

On Friday, the UK confirmed two cases of Wuhan Coronavirus.

From Bloomberg:

The U.K. confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus on Friday, while the U.S. and Japan advised citizens to avoid traveling to China. Singapore and Vietnam suspended visas issued to Chinese citizens. U.S. futures dropped alongside stocks in Europe and Asia as the virus continued to spread.

The World Health Organization had on Thursday declared the outbreak a global health emergency. Cases have now soared to more than 9,950 globally, higher than the number of officially reported cases during the SARS epidemic.

The death toll is now at 213.

From Reuters:

With the death toll rising to 213, all of them in China, the United States warned Americans not to travel to the Asian country, where the outbreak first appeared in Wuhan, capital of the central Hubei province.

Noteworthy is that all of the deaths, so far, have been in China.

John Hopkins Univeristy has a pretty awesome webpage with maps, charts, and other useful information for tracking the virus:

Notice that real-time updates can be difficult, and with so many different time-zones, there can be a lag in the data.

For example, in the John Hopkins chart above, the list has yet to be updated with the UK confirmed cases, which means that if the infection rate goes parabolic, it will be nearly impossible to keep-up, unless scripts are written (computer code) allowing governments to enter data into a central, web-based portal for real-time updates.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday evening, President Trump said the Administration will be making an announcement over the next 24 to 48 hours:

President Trump said in an exclusive interview with Fox News late Thursday that his administration is working closely with China during the deadly coronavirus outbreak and said the U.S. was in “great shape” thus far in dealing with the illness.

Speaking before he took the stage at his rally in Des Moines, Trump said he was “dealing very closely with China.” He added the White House would make a statement “in the next 24 hours and 48 hours.”

From Fox Business, we can see the extensive list of airlines cancelling flights because of the outbreak:

The list is in alphabetical order, and here’s letter “A”:

AIR CANADA Air Canada said on Jan. 28 it was cancelling select flights to China.

AIR FRANCE Air France said on Jan. 30 it suspended all scheduled flights to and from mainland China until Feb. 9.


AIR INDIA Air India said it was cancelling its Mumbai-Delhi-Shanghai flight from Jan. 31 to Feb. 14.

AIR NEW ZEALAND Air New Zealand said on Jan. 31 it was temporarily reducing flights between Auckland and Shanghai to four return services a week from Feb. 18 to March 31 rather than the usual daily flights.

AIR SEOUL South Korean budget carrier Air Seoul said on Jan. 28 it had suspended all flights to China.

AIR TANZANIA Tanzania’s state-owned carrier said it would postpone its maiden flights to China. It had planned to begin charter flights to China in February.

AMERICAN AIRLINES The largest U.S. carrier said it would suspend flights from Los Angeles to Beijing and Shanghai from Feb. 9 to March 27.

Notice that some of the airlines are planning out all the way until the end of March.