Money Under 30 Podcast Episode 1: Socially Responsible Investing

Money Under 30 Podcast Episode 1: Socially Responsible Investing

In the very first episode of the Money Under 30 Podcast we discuss socially responsible investing. First, we tell you what it is, explore whether it’s even worthwhile, and then we unpack the kind of financial returns you can expect with environmentally friendly investment portfolios.

About the Money Under 30 Podcast

As young Millennials, collectively stressing about our money and debt is our new reality.

This is why Money Under 30 is producing a brand new podcast with free advice for young adults wanting to make informed decisions about their money.

The podcast discusses everything you need to know about your money, and it’s produced by people who have been there and who, honestly, really get it.

Here’s what’s planned.

We’re bringing on exciting guests from the world of personal finance to give you the inside scoop on the latest trends that are affecting your wallet.

  • Looking to buy a new car or your first house?
  • Want to save your first $1,000,000 or maybe just your first $10?
  • Want to dive headfirst into the investing waters?
  • What are good returns to expect from your investment portfolio?

We’re breaking it all down for you by simplifying your finances.

Finances will no longer be the least bit intimidating, and you won’t want to push it aside to think about next week, next month, next year…..

Our podcast dives into how we can actively and strategically think about how we have control of our finances – it’s fun and funny and you’ll learn a lot!

Every 2 weeks we’ve got a new episode planned for you on a topic that is affecting young Americans. We talk to experts in the field – bringing research and expertise directly to your phone.

Investing is and will become a big part of who you are.

This is the podcast for you.