Abu Dhabi Goes Green? Abdulla Al Nowais, Roberto Hroval from PatentReal Corporation, and Product Reincarnation Technology™


“Unwanted waste became precious raw input material”, says Roberto Hroval

Abu Dhabi, October 2018 The CEO of Al-Nowais Group, Mr. Abdulla Al-Nowais, approved the further discussion about implementing powered waste management system in conjunction with PatentReal Corporation led by its founder and Chairman, Roberto Hroval. The meeting was held at the Al-Nowais Group HQ in Abu Dhabi, where the prime waste to energy technology, was revealed. The technology is tagged Product Reincarnation Technology (PRT).

PRT aims to transform waste products into energy in the form of electricity or fuel or into entirely new products as never before seen in the industry. PRT places complete emphasis on green processes and ensures there is no form of emissions into any water body, ground or air. PRT allows for efficient use of energy totaling more than 85%, and it also ensures the production of quality products.

PRT addresses two problems being faced by the waste management industry in the world today. Firstly, it ensures the production of cheap energy from waste products, and secondly, it ensures better management of waste.

Mr. Hroval who is often referred to as European Elon Musk, presented his views on the way forward for the waste management industry. He said, “From my point of view, there is no unwanted waste, because they are now valued materials that can be very useful. Our entire system of operation is green, and as such we don’t stress the environment and inflict harm to it, but rather we efficiently turn worn out products, into valuable and sellable goods.”

There was further discussion between Al-Nowais and Hroval on the future of the project, and how the project can be implemented in Abu Dhabi.

Abdulla Al-Nowais was pleased that Product Reincarnation Technology™ would first be implemented in Abu Dhabi. “We are delighted with this news, and we are ready to see how this technology will help shape Abu Dhabi. As long as a process is turning an environmental problem into a viable economic benefit, it deserves our full support and attention,” reported Chicago Tribune.


About Al-Nowais Group Company

The company is an established company in not just the Middle East but also in Northern Africa as well. Known for its diversification in trading, distribution, and marketing, the company has partnered with a host of a variety of companies in various sectors such as IT, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Consultancy, Building Materials, and Construction. These partners all have a firm footing in various countries around the world, where they develop and implement large-scale projects in their various sectors.

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About PatentReal Corporation and Roberto Hroval

Originally based in Hong Kong Corporation, PatentReal Corporation has branched out to Europe and China, and has continued its pursuit of being a solutions-based provider for her clients, by offering an extensive array of projects that encompass non-profit projects, green energy development, technology, tissue regeneration and rejuvenation as well as financial and monetization solutions. The company is aimed out providing viable solutions via technological advancement that would benefit humanity at large.

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